Grill good, do good!
We have partnered with Fairway Packing in the Eastern Market to home deliver two 14oz, aged USDA Prime New York Strip Steaks, A jar of grilling steak seasoning, a bottle of Whitney Celebration Champagne AND a $50 gift card to be used when we reopen, all included for $100. The best part of this deal is that we will also provide a $100 Whitney Gift Card to a support staff member at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. The orderlies, janitors, food service workers who literally risk their lives daily to keep the hospital up and running every day. We want to thank them with a very special night out when their lives return to a semblance of normal. All Grill Box orders will be shipped, overnight UPS, within 3-5 business days.

Place your order by emailing with your Name, Address and Phone number. We will call back within 2 business days to process your order.

Thank you for supporting The Whitney as we celebrate the contribution made by those unsung medical heroes who are risking everything to help our community.


4421 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI, USA

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